Each year Bethlehem Special Olympics takes time out to recognize some of it’s athletes and volunteers for their outstanding
effort over the course of the year. Listed below are the awards we present each year with an explanation of how they came
about and/or what they are given for. The memorial awards are given to those who exemplify the same spirit as those the
awards were created to honor.

BSO Athlete Hall of Fame
Bethlehem Special Olympics started the HALL OF FAME in 1980. This award is given to honor an athlete who has made
outstanding contributions to the program both on and off the field of competition. The HALL OF FAME is a place for BSO to
honor its STARS!

2015 Recipient(s) – Amanda Reiss

Don Eber Memorial Volunteer Award
Don Eber became involved with BSO while he was attending Lafayette College. He started as an alpine skiing coach. Shortly
after, he became secretary of the management team. He then began coaching basketball,
softball, soccer, and volleyball. Don graduated from Lafayette and was traveling to interview for a new job and was tragically
killed in an auto accident. His parents began to send funds to BSO in memory of Don and the management team decided to
honor him with this award.

2015 Recipient(s) – Caren Hogan

Kelly Frankenfield Memorial Spirit Award
Kelly Frankenfield became an athlete with BSO in 1991. Kelly participated in cross country skiing, roller skating, aquatics, bowling,
and track and field. Kelly loved Special Olympics – you might say it was her life along with
her family. Often you could hear her cheering for her coaches and fellow teammates. A high spirited attitude is what everyone
remembers about Kelly.

2015 Recipient(s) – Matthew Siemon

Gerry Miller Parent Volunteer Memorial Award
Gerry Miller, father of BSO athlete Kyle Miller, began volunteering with BSO in 1983 with the aquatics program.
At this time, Gerry became extremely involved in volunteering to drive athletes and coaches to competitions.
He also served as a chaperone for athletes and volunteered at aquatics training sessions. Gerry was also
involved in fundraising activities. As a member of the committee to promote community awareness, he helped
plan and decorate a float to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the City of Bethlehem. Gerry was a dedicated, respected,
reliable, and gentle mannered and was loved by all the athletes. Gerry was truly an all around
volunteer. He continued his involvement until his untimely passing.

2015 Recipient(s) – Dolores Sobol

Debbie Kohl / Dan Morrison Volunteer Coach Memorial Award
Debbie Kohl was very dedicated roller skating coach. First, she was a USARS certified coach. She trained many National
Champion athletes, especially in the speed skating discipline. Debbie was also a very
knowledgeable artistic skating coach as well.
Debbie grew up in the skating world, along with her parents and brother. They were a very dedicated skating family. They
traveled to many rinks on the eastern seaboard as well as the middle states.
Somewhere around 1990, Debbie became involved in Special Olympics. She loved coaching the athletes and
their accomplishments meant more to her than even coaching a World Class Skater.
Special Olympics athletes learned and grew from her coaching skills and they became skaters that grew to the
best of their abilities. They learned to win, but they also learned to win with honor.
Debbie also began the sport of Floor Hockey in BSO and was able to coach that sport for the first year before
her untimely passing away.
Debbie was loved and respected by all who knew her. Her legacy will live on in all the athletes she coached,
the coaches that knew her, and the families that made her one of their own.

Dan was born in Bethlehem, graduated from Liberty High School, and went on to receive an Associates Degree
in Engineering from Penn State.
In January of 2000 a counselor for his grandson, Kasey Brehm, recommended Special Olympics as an
organization for Kasey to join. A decision was made to enroll Kasey in BSO. He participated in aquatics and
on the way home from the first practice, Dan shed a tear saying “we found a place for Kasey and us.” More
sports were added, downhill skiing, long distance running, and soccer. Dan quickly became involved as a
parent volunteer with aquatics, skiing, and long distance running. Later he became a coach for both gymnastics and soccer.
Dan took great pleasure in donating both family time and monetary contributions to the program. He recruited
his sister and her husband who still continue to support BSO in his memory. He decided the aquatics team
needed towels, and just in time for the Eastern Sectionals, the towels arrived.
Dan’s smile and laughter were contagious both on and off the competition areas. He considered the athletes
and the entire BSO program part of his extended family. If you look real close, you may still see him running
the fields during soccer or lifting his arms to spot at a gymnastics meet. His smile is still upon those beloved athletes.

2015 Recipient(s) – Casey Skoglund
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